Steel King Centre ( Pty) Ltd

The company started in 1965 as a sole proprietorship trading as A Binge & Co. wholesaling stainless steel kitchen and tableware.

On 3 October 1968 the entity, then Terminus Agencies (Pty) Ltd, registered as a Company.

The name changed to Steel King Centre (Pty) Ltd on 13 January 1972. This was as a result of the huge success we had in the marketing and distribution of stainless steel products, mainly through retail pharmacies, throughout South Africa.

In 1978 retail pharmacies phased out fancy goods, necessitating a rapid change in our customer base. This in turn resulted in our focus on the hospitality industry which was serviced through our dealership network. Whilst our primary focus remains stainless steel products, we have also introduced chafing fuels and plastic items in line with industry demands.

Today we trade throughout South Africa and neighbouring states. Our customer base includes national chains, independent retailers, cash and carry outlets and catering equipment dealers. Our distribution policy remains to sell for resale only.

We own 2 of our own brands, STEEL KING and FLAZ, and are also distributors of SUNNEX and ARCOS, both international brands.

We are proud of our heritage and protective of our fine reputation built over the past 5 decades.

Going forward we will continue with our commitment to fair dealing, product focus and consistency in service and efficiency which we believe to be the corner stones of our ongoing success.

We also remain committed to support local manufacture and will endeavour to ensure that at least a third of our turnover is from locally manufactured items.